Thursday, June 07, 2012

At war with the non-laws

About the only way you'd get my interest during the Olympics is if they made swearing a competitive sport. Alas, it will only be non-professional level curses on Wellington's sports fields and in its parks if anyone tries to tell me that Wellington City Council has banned smoking there.

In truth, this do-gooding bylaw has no power. One can't be fined or punished in any way for breaching it. No court in the land would uphold its constitutionality if it was ever tested. It is just one of those vacuous "sending a message" laws from the Department of Something Must Be Done.

However, if some safety nazi wants to help me limber up my offensive lingo by tut-tutting the next time I fug past them while smelling the roses, be warned. The air will not be blue because of the smoke.