Friday, June 08, 2012


It's a sad day for political animals, cartoonists and bon vivants, as the Backbenchers Pub was ravaged by fire this morning. Jeez, I haven't felt this bummed out since they closed the fish and chip shop opposite Parliament to build the Kate Sheppard apartments.

Thankfully no-one was injured or killed in the fire, however National coalition MP puppets for Peter Dunne and Pita Sharples were among the casualties, as well as an unknown number of original political cartoons.

The makers of the world's only live political TV show hosted in a pub, Back Benches, had only three more shows to go before death by National party firing squad. Maybe they'll take over the Sports Bar or find an alternative room at the labyrinthine Backbenchers building. Maybe they'll wind up at another venue entirely. The scouts are out for the final three.

Things will never be the same again. But at least Wellington's secular cathedral is fixable, and the wine cellar intact. And so it goes.