Friday, May 04, 2012

Super City, Mega Donations

The Don Brash death rattle known as John Banks staggers on, each step cracking open yet another cans of worms.

Take, for example, the helicopter sized hole in the local body election laws which National and Act failed to patch properly when the SuperCity project was rushed into reality. It was under these laws, endorsed by Nact, that Banks tried and failed to gain the mayor's job.

While the monetary thresholds were adjusted in the legislation, no tidying of local body electoral law really occurred, making the rules governing the SuperCity elections largely the same as the ones governing the election of the mayor of Masterton.

The self-inflicted loophole sprang readily to mind while listening to NatRad's Focus on Politics, which had Key saying that the John Dot Banks mess is neither his nor his government's responsibility. Oh yes it is! They wrote it off, they own it.