Friday, May 11, 2012

Laughing Stock

It seems the diversionary flares have failed. Non-existent boat people had a shot fired over their bow by National. The shot was fired 3500 miles away from the nearest bow, but at least potential boat people in the deepest parts of Indonesia, India and Papua New Guinea now know that the NZ government won't treat them lightly if they decide to darken our shores with their foreign habits.

Sponge Nurse Paula Bennett has offered one million dollars towards WINZ case workers becoming family planning advisors, setting off feminist and liberal umbrage that will erode next election's female vote like spermicidal jelly on priest underwear. I'm all for contraception, condoms offered freely at high schools and so forth. Surely Vote Health for Community Services Card holders would have been a safer bet?

Then again, without this good policy poorly delivered, we wouldn't have Colin Craig's biblical viewpoint to mock. The Cargo Cult Christian Party is now being treated seriously by the MSM due to the lack of seriousness of Act's John Banks, another Christian with a thorn his side (more of a massive prick, really). Jane Clifton has a nice obituary for Act out at the Listener which is worth a read.

Then there's John Key keeping public morale up during his crash test dummy run to budget surplus in two years, telling school kids that if any of them wants his job they can have it. Because, frankly, he's getting a bit sick of it, actually. Surely bets are being taken somewhere on how long it'll take between Key leaving the job and disappearing off over the horizon again.

If the captain of NZ Inc is getting sea sickness and looking at the lifeboats wistfully, what hope is there for the plebs in steerage? Better off overseas, eh. Shame I'm a patriot who doesn't travel well. I'm stuck here like an extra in Bladerunner.