Saturday, May 26, 2012

Black Swans threaten Tauranga

It seems that Tauranga is under attack from a scourge of Black Swans:
Black swans have been the subject of regular complaints for leaving faeces on beaches and mud flats, posing aviation hazards at Tauranga Airport and threatening seagrass meadows by consumption.
 How dare these birds crap outdoors. Can't they be toilet trained? And this is the first I've heard of a plague of Black Swans devouring seagrass meadows and causing birdstrike at the Tauranga aerodrome (Airport my arse).

Clearly, these harmless non-threatening birds need to be culled. Violently. After corralling them with jet skis, of course:
Jetskis and boats were used to herd swans away from public, over toward Matakana Island where the birds were then shot.
 I'm no SAFE nut, but it all just sounds like a lame excuse to shoot big birds at point blank range. Can't they just shoot the jet-skiers instead?