Sunday, February 06, 2011

Reagan Exiled

I see some of my right wing mates are commemorating what would have been Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. The team at Exiled Online are doing their own celebration, with a litany of vicious eulogies. Here's a sample of the latest by John Dolan:
"I’ve always found Nixon a rather sympathetic figure: wretched, ugly, and without much malice for either the forests or the ordinary American. Nixon didn’t even share the worship of “business” forced on us all in Reagan’s reign. Nixon’s dreams were old-fashioned Soviet machinations, full of maps and coups; he was willing enough to toss the rest of us a few bones if we’d let him play with his schemes undisturbed. And some of the bones he tossed us were rather significant. It was Nixon who created the EPA and OSHA. Reagan would have strangled both in the cradle."
Other gold includes Homeless Mourn Passing of Reagan, The Abominable Chimp-Fucker Is Dead! and And Here Lies the Worst of All.