Saturday, February 19, 2011

Assurances given and accepted

New Zealand has the odd distinction of being not only one of the best places to raise kids, but also one of the worst as well. Character building, it was called back in the day. These days it is seen for what it is; child rape, child beatings, child murder. So it is all the more shocking to hear the IPCA interview on Nine to Noon that described with the usual circumlocution prevalent to the public service that cops had covered it all up.

The nation is assured in the interview that systems, processes and procedures have been right-sized and that this is a historical chapter which has since closed. Pope is out of a job, after all. Tales of woe such as this, or John Campbell's moving memories of Women's Studies students on Media 7 the other day might be be a thing of the past.

Then again, maybe not.