Tuesday, April 06, 2010

War Crimes

The video of Collateral Murder has sprung up in Wikileaks. This released military footage shows the massacre of unarmed people by the US military. Reuters journalists are mistaken for insurgents, cameras are mistaken for arms. The arms grow into AK47s, then RPGs, in the eyes of the US crusading psychos. The group is killed. A van arrives and tries to retrieve the dead and wounded. The SUV Bongo is then fired upon too. Children are shot. And then the US military hushed it all up until someone leaked the truth.

Here's some stills. Click the image to enlarge:

Andrew Sullivan and Boing Boing have picked it up. Aardvark has some interesting comments surrounding the story (although it took a few attempts before I could reach the page. I got a half dozen blank impressions the first few clicks to the link. Strange, that). It comes not long after the US admitted trying to cover up the massacre of women in Afghanistan in February 2010, including digging bullets out of their corpses.

You can't win a war like that.