Sunday, April 18, 2010

Petitioning the wowzers

There are many things worse than sitting in a Wellington park on a warm summer evening with a bottle of wine and a pretty girl, watching the world go by. Unfortunately, this pastime is now illegal in Wellington, at least in the CBD and around the waterfront. Very soon the Wellington City Council will extend this alcohol free fatwa to the entire city.

Every single councillor, with the exception of Iona Pannett, supports a complete ban on drinking in the greater city region. This has been justified on the grounds that homeless drunks have made life unpleasant for pedestrians and Soccer Mums. In reality, I suspect it is a commercial rort to favour bars and other licensed premises from wholesale competition from the off-licences.

Submissions are open until May 5th. You can also register your displeasure at this killjoy bylaw by signing the e-petition here. The Local Government Act 2002 has been the worst thing for public freedom. All those little Napoleons shitting on the freedoms of expression and association. If it's not the damn jam it's the thrill of mildly intoxicating moments.