Monday, January 04, 2010

It's OK, I'm a cop

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Operation Blue Cunt might have successfully stifled any inappropriate fun for the public. However, the police's New Year's celebrations are another story entirely:
One of the men is alleged to have approached a woman in a parked car and demanded her name and address. When she refused, he allegedly told her he was a police officer and pressed his badge against the windscreen. The woman - whose 11-year-son was in the back of the car - again refused to give the pair her details and told one of the officers that his fly was down. The Herald understands one of the officers is alleged to have then exposed himself to the woman and her son.

Unlike the "Whangamata chaos", which the police has no problem sexing up for the media, the blue hierarchy are staying tight-lipped on this matter:
Police will not confirm the exact nature or circumstances of the incident.
Luckily, the public don't have to rely on police sources for the truth, eh. No Right Turn and Tumeke say their pieces. I don't agree with Tumeke's point that this behaviour is best left to police bars, where this sort of abuse of power is tolerated out of sight and out of mind. It's just that sort of us and them mentality that lets control freaks with booze and badges think they're above the law.