Sunday, January 17, 2010

4:20 News

# Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg discuss hash brownies:

Snoop: "Trying to make some brownies, but we're missing the most important part of the brownies."
Martha: "Which is, which is, which is ..."
Snoop: "No sticks no seeds no stems."
Martha: "You want green brownies."
Snoop: "Yes."
Martha: "He wants green brownies. Brownish green brownies."
Snoop: "The greener the better!"

# The Wall St Journal looks at the growing marijuana legalisation effort. Washington State, California and Oregon are all looking at pro-marijuana ballots. The New York Times reports New Jersey has passed a medicinal marijuana law. The UK Telegraph notes that Breckenridge, a ski resort high in the Colorado Rockies, has decriminalised marijuana.

# Don't you wish all Mums were this understanding?

# Meantime, over in Europe, it's not just cannabis that the Czech Republic has decrimmed. It's all drugs:
Under the new laws (which come into force on January 1) Czech people will be allowed to possess up to 4 ecstasy tablets. 15 grams (half an ounce) of marijuana, 5 grams of hash and 1 gram of cocaine with prison sentences still a potential threat for those in possession of more.
# The replacement for Dr David Nutt, the head of the UK expert panel on drugs who was sacked by his political masters, has been announced. David Nutt has started his own expert panel on drugs, the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs. We'll keep an eye out for who cracks first.

# In New Zealand, the big news is the adventures of Dakta Green, who is accumulating police harassment like bees to honey. All we can add at this end is, Good Work, Dakta Green! Keep up the good fight.

# Nick Smith at the Sunday Star Times looks at the economics of drugs. On the subject of coca and cocaine, opium and heroin, here's a look at Auckland's Chelsea sugar refinery. Brought to you by Pacific Beat St, it shows how Oz sugar cane is distilled into yummy sweetness. No high fructose corn syrup required.

UPDATE: There's a guest post by NORML's Stephen McIntyre over at Public Address. It was originally sent to the NZ Herald as an OpEd piece, but was refused by the Herald. Nice to know that even during silly season, it's impossible to get this subject out in the Granny.