Thursday, December 10, 2009

ACTA circuses coming to town

According to the new site, the Ministry of Economic Development is holding a series of meetings next week, on Wednesday 16th December, to give an update on the ACTA treaty:
The invite reads:
"Last November 2008 at an intellectual property rights enforcement workshop organised by the Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand’s negotiating team involved in the development of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) gave a presentation about ACTA. The negotiating team would like to give you an update on recent developments with ACTA and discuss the key elements of the agreement being negotiated."

There is no mention at all about this meeting at the MED's website. Even though I sent a written submission to the MED on Section 92A earlier in the year, I am obviously to much of a clown to be invited to this circus. This is no wide-ranging public performance.

According to Michael Geist, New Zealand is holding one of the big Top Secret Copyright ACTA meetings on the week starting April 12th 2010. This round of "bargaining" will be an even more exclusive circus. Canada's being bribed with sweetheart infrastructure deals for signing onto ACTA. What's NZ price for the loss of sovereignty?

We're gonna need a bigger #blackout.