Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stihl Life with Peckerwood

What sort of crazy messed up world is it, when hundreds of thousands of NZers can't get one damned prohibition bar lifted, but any po-faced sad sack can get some humour pulled off the media? Seriously, what is offensive about this chainsaw ad?

It's about as funny as the very similar Stella Artois ad not so long ago, reaching a Heh on the laughometer from me. But since the advertisers weren't aiming at me, being neither a chainsaw nor lager enthusiast, that's OK.

At no time did I get the urge to write to the Powers That Be and insist that the offending thing should be removed right now. No, not tomorrow, now. Nor do I expect anyone to get paid for listening to such nonsense. That's what blogs, or at a push talkback, are for. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened with the Crunchie ad, featuring 10 out of 9 dyslexics who like Crunchie Bars.

Therefore, by the powers invested in me by the start of the Wellington International Comedy Festival (proudly sponsored by Crunchie makers Cadbury not Peckerwood from Taihape), I declare open season on uptight fuck-knuckles. Grow some levity.

If there's one show I can scrounge the entry fee for, it'll be Radar's ode to the school of hard knocks, Te Radar's Eating the Dog at Bats. The first show started ten minutes ago. Runs til Saturday.