Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Copyfight Club

If there's any doubt in your mind that the new NZ Copyright Laws are not part of a concerted global attack by a desperate and failing business model, have a read of the BBC story on The Pirate Bay:
Authorities denied that the raid was prompted by urging from the MPA, the international arm of the MPAA, but the Swedish media revealed that the MPA had met with the justice ministry in the months before the raid...

In September 2007, hackers leaked six months of internal emails from anti-piracy company Media Defender, which revealed that the company was discussing hiring hackers to attack the Pirate Bay's servers.
Pirate Bay have long taunted the multinational copyright monopolists with fart-in-your-general-direction type scorn. All the best to them with this court case.

Here in NZ, my suspicions of corporate interference on policy was confirmed during the Election '08 Internet Debate (.rtf):

FRAN O’SULLIVAN I was talking this morning with Phil Goff up in New York and he was just announcing these new free trade talks with the US and others and we had a bit of a debate about, well you know, what’s in it for the United States. He said well one of the key issues the US will have is intellectual property and copyright and we have just heard some very staunch comments here from the panel. But I wonder, you know, how you can uphold those principles once the US gets involved?

One really feels sorry for APRA. They're prepared to front up and tell their side of the story to any who will listen. But the impetus and motivation behind 92A is really the beancounter division in the Old Empire of entertainment corporations.

In other news, they're reading about the Blackout here.