Monday, February 02, 2009

Boy racers to pay for Judith Collins statue

In a novel attempt to crack down on boy racers, the government will soon be giving police the power to crush the cars of offending motorists. Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker plans to build a statue of Police Minister Judith Collins in Cathedral Square with the resulting debris.

"We'll build it just like in the movie Wall*E," said Mayor Bob. "Working from media reports of how many boy racers there are out there, we anticipate that, when finished, the statue will be nearly as tall as Mt Cook."

Not everyone is happy with the planned sculpture. "The mayor's plan is loonier than Loony Lucy O'Looney, winner of last year's Miss Full Moon Lunatic Pageant," said popular left wing Christchurch City Councillor Pam Frisbee. "Those cars would be put to better use housing the homeless."