Sunday, February 10, 2008

An unconventional convention

The US of A is facing a weird-shit election, the likes of which has never been seen before. Romney is out and Huckabee should fold soon. No point throwing good money after bad. McCain will get the requisite number of delegates, but he will face a hostile convention now that the hierarchy's favoured puppet has cut the strings. Witness the inane ravings of Tom DeLay at onegoodmove. These guys are absolutely batshit. The neo-cons are preparing to burst a blood vessel if McCain is the Republican candidate.

Over on the Democrat circuit, Hillary and Obama have reasons to be cheerful. Obama for sweeping the weekend's delegate hunt (Washington was an interesting one. The geeks are with Obama). Meantime, Hillary is waiting for Texas to pump some delegates her way. The Dems are still some way from having a frontrunner. If it drags on too long, the party could easily turn into a self-destructing Democrat run for presidency. According to the Independent, there may be a way out:
A less objectionable solution would be a truce between the two runners and the formation of a two-for-one "dream ticket". It's an idea Democrat voters mention often. Howard Dean, the chairman of the party, said last week that some kind of armistice would have to be negotiated if they are still tied in the spring.
But who would be on top? No, I don't think it will come to that. Hillary is dipping into the private fortune to keep up with Obama's warchest, which is not a good sign. Obama's momentum will grow. Obama will still be president.

Some reckon to have the legend of President Obama already mapped out in Dallas. In a room of infinite monkeys, every future is written somewhere. The threat of a disgruntled former Blackwater dude going ballistic is possible. Not that McCain would be immune to such intervention, especially if the VP was the right man.

And then there's Putin...