Thursday, February 28, 2008

The law is a double-assed baboon

There's not many career options open to a Deaf Mute. Journalism, for example, is not an option. In spite of what you see on My Name is Earl, Deaf lawyers are far and few between. Hell, even buglary is not something to recommend a Deaf Mute. So, it is no surprise to read that one intrepid Deaf Mute outlaw follows the best path to small business outside IT and sells cannabis for a living.

Desmond Brooks, who hit a half-century, also scored home detention for the nefarious crime of growing cannabis. I've never met Mr Brooks, but I'd like to read his charge sheet: "58 convictions in 30 years, 19 of them drug-related." There but for a twist of spacetime, there goes me.

In spite of the brand spanking new NZSL Act, which promises in Part 2, Section 7 to ensure that New Zealand Sign Language is permissible in legal procedings, the DomPost descibes things thusly:
It was a confusing half hour for Brooks as he stood in the dock waiting to know his sentence. At times, he looked anxiously behind him to the public gallery, as a supporter tried to explain. When jail was mentioned, two fists were held together to signal handcuffs. When home detention was raised, his supporter pointed to an ankle, where the electronic monitoring bracelet would go.
Now that's a fucking kangaroo court.

By the way, Desmond Brooks. If you're reading this, a bit of harm minimisation advice. Make hash, not oil.