Saturday, February 16, 2008

4:20 News

The American College of Physicians, the second-largest doctors group in the United States, has endorsed using marijuana for medical purposes. And they're not restricting it to the narrow bunch of conditions that NZ intends to do with cannabis extract, Sativex:
"The government should review marijuana's status as a so-called schedule I controlled substance, alongside such drugs as LSD and heroin, given scientific evidence of its safety and efficacy for some medical conditions."
Some sanity, at last!


The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal in Canada has ruled that the smell of burnt marijuana isn't enough evidence to arrest someone for possession of the drug and then search their vehicle without a warrant:
"The smell alone can't constitute the grounds because the smell of burnt marijuana - as opposed to raw marijuana - gives an inference that the material is gone, it's dissipated into the atmosphere. So how can you say you're in possession of something that doesn't exist?"

In 1998, world leaders met and set themselves the ambitious goal of a ‘Drug Free World’ by 2008. After such rabid success with the prohibition model, discussion is being led on whether the "war on drugs" thing is fit for purpose. This Monday and Tuesday, the consultation reaches New Zealand:
"More than 40 delegates from a range of New Zealand NGOs will attend the Wellington consultation, including the Drug Foundation, Needle Exchange Programme, youth health services, treatment services, Māori health organisations, and DHBs."
It will be one of the last before the UN committee reports back on where to go from here. Your intrepid reporter in the field will blog what he can.