Monday, January 28, 2008

Year of the Rat

Auckland Anniversary Day is over, New Zealand is back to work.

Colin Espiner clears his throat. Welcome back, Colin.

Nine to Noon has a long talk on tax cuts. For some reason, tax incentives for KiwiSaver are being labelled as a tax cut. How two three-letter words can be so prone to misunderstanding is beyond me. I blame the tax credit mumbo-jumbo that was the Working For Families package. Let's make this very clear. A tax cut is when you CUT TAX.

Scoop releases a Rocky Road report from The Main Report Group, makers of the TransTasman. Things discussed include the two-edged sword of the China FTA.

Oh, and Monkeys with Typewriters reckons they have proof of a link between John Key and the Illuminati. Heh, I wonder if the Nats ever plugged that hole those Brash emails leaked from.