Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama Mana

The Iowa Democratic nomination went to Barack Obama. Bill Clinton may have played saxophone, but Obama plays better tunes with his vocal cadence. If Bill is a session musican, Barack is Miles Davis. This dude is exactly what the US needs right now; an intelligent, confident, articulate, open-minded leader. Dagg knows, someone's got to clean up the mess the chimp left behind. Wow. Like, WOW:

Graeme Edgeler gives a vivid outline of how the US Electoral system works. I thought Hunter was using hyperbole when he described the process in Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail. Omfg, what a pan-galactic clusterfuck of a democracy. Little wonder the voter turn-out rate is so appalling, nor the sheer bloody-minded complexity that maintains the duopoly of power between the elephants and the donkeys.

Fuck Huckabee, the Republicans are rightful (righteous?) toast. What Craig Ranapaia said: "As for the Republicans - Huckabee or Romney? Gee, gonnorhea or syphilis?"