Friday, January 18, 2008

Bunfight over at the Fundy Post

Paul sneaks a brioche,
HORansome stands on it.
Russell compares apples,
Anon throws a snit.

Whistling tunes we piss on the goons in the jungle...
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Tame Iti has created High Art. Intentionally or not, his Flightless Circus has got a lot of people to start thinking about things outside their squares. The legend of the outlaw Tame Iti is assured.

Let's go back a few years, hopefully not too far back so those baby journos might remember it. It's the 1970's and the Muldoon government creates the Waitangi Tribunal. How about the '80s? Remember the '80's? The Lange Labour government backdates claims to 1840. Surely you remember the 90's, when National's Doug Graham signed the Ngai Tahu settlement.

So, here we are back in the present. What has Clark's Labour delivered? The Foreshore and Seabed Act and the Terrorism Supression balls-up. Not content with fucking up everything concerning the Electoral Finance Bill, Mark Burton did the country a great disservice by not doing anything with treaty settlements either. He broke the rhythm.

Little wonder then that the Maori Party has been as vocal as it has about the Ruatoki raids. Although some say this was a misfire, it has certainly proved the mettle in the previously below the radar eloquence of Te Ururoa Flavell. The Maori Party are not seeking the vote from the white bread not short of a crust, but the whanaus still waiting for the Crown to get its shit together so they can get on with things.

So, getting the political implications out of the way, Clark's Labour is not completely without influence in the whole scheme of things. In their small way, they provided a motive, a reason. It's not big, but it's there, in just the same way I hold Peter Dunne's veto on cannabis law reform in 2002 some small way responsible for the death of Tony Stanlake.

On the subject of doing murder, I don't think Tame had it in him. I've met a few murderers in my day:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Uncut man covered in blood asking if your Dad the lawyer is home.
He really needs to see a lawyer right now.
Can he come in?

I see now know my short-lived career in stand-up comedy was doomed from the start. I should have stuck with the disabled jokes.

If truth be told, I think Tame Iti will even get off the Arms Act charges. Have the police got enough admissable evidence to get a conviction? Can the courts find an untainted jury? I suppose their best chance is in Auckland, where few care about anything beyond their noses. Do you really want Tame Iti sent to prison, what with the mainly Maori captive audience?