Tuesday, March 27, 2007

They shoot press gallery journalists, don't they?

Not here, we don't. Nor have any of NZ's press gallery been kicked out of a gig for just being there. Good on Commonwealth Press Union stalwart Tim Pankhurst going in to bat for press freedom (again) by accusing the DPS of exceeding their authority. Damned straight. That is not their function and it's a shame to see their role diminished by this incident.

Am also deeply unimpressed with the official response. The Speaker's report better have some very explicit material to back up Helen Clark's assertion that Nick Wang was 'causing a disturbance.' An immediate back-track to ignorance of the circumstances, as well as Michael Cullen's mantra of 'unfortunate,' sounds unusually defensive and does not bode well.

I haven't renewed my Labour Party membership yet, and I'm running out of reasons to remain a member. Hmmm, maybe I'll do a Mulholland.