Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bring back Mr Pink

NZ's Government Statistician for the last umpteen years has buggered off to Oz to replace their Head Honcho Head Counter over there. Brian Pink will be missed as an interesting voice on NatRad. His interim replacement is Dallas Welch, the current Deputy. The first thought that springs to mind is going from bloody-mindedness to soap. The second, is this. How many interim HODs do we have at the moment?

The Herald points out that both the Electricity and Telecommunications Commissioner seats are still vacant. The CEO of the DoL, Dr James Buwalda, has given it up before the end of his contract.
“I will immediately begin the recruitment process for a new chief executive,” Mark Prebble said.

If I had more time before moping off to work, I'd follow up what is happening in the echelons of Child, Youth and Family.