Sunday, March 25, 2007

All Men Are Wankers

There's a nice piece of moral panic in today's SST. The blurb goes:
"The typical man trading internet child pornography is an Auckland Pakeha, aged in his early 30s, according to new research from Internal Affairs."
I suppose it depends what one means by average.
"The most recent update, in February, included profiles of 215 offenders, of whom all but one were male. Just over half (52%) lived in the main urban areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. About 75% (162) were New Zealand European, while only 1% (three people) identified as Maori. More than half (63%) were aged between 10 and 34, the average age range being 30-34."
So the poll shows just over half of the surveyed criminals lived in the main centres. This is demographically uninteresting due to roughly half the country's population also living in the four main centres. Nor is the supposed fact that almost two thirds were aged between 10 and 34. This is the golden era of wanking. What is interesting is that if only 76 percent were NZ Honkies or Maori, who were the other quarter? Brit? South African?