Saturday, April 02, 2005

Nation of narks

University researchers are haunting Wellington bars on behalf of the police and ACC. With neither the consent of bar owners nor the patrons they observe, the researchers fill in forms from observing patrons' reactions before and after police visits. The aim is to reduce crime and alcohol-related injuries.

"Some bars are trying to make out that we're jumping on people that are having a great night. That's just not the case. We're trying to make the town safer," said Wellington liquor licensing sergeant Grant Verner.

Yeah Right.

In Turangi, locals have had a gutsful of drug dealers and are dobbing them in to the police on a regular basis. It's not paranoia when everyone is out to get you. The police chief, Senior Sergeant Dennis Murphy, said his staff were seeing a link between drug dealing and property offending such as burglary. The crimes were "overlapping".

I'll save the police a lot of research cash and drop a hint. What's the difference between owing a drug dealer money and owing a car dealer money?