Friday, April 01, 2005

Moore! Moore!

Alan Moore, half-blind half-deaf former LSD salesman and graphic novel god, is getting two of his most influential books put to celluloid.

Watchmen is in pre-production and Empire has a good taste of what to expect with director Paul Greengrass at the helm. Greengrass, director of Bloody Sunday and The Bourne Supremacy, promises to keep the dense symbolism and dark political allegory true to Alan Moore's original vision. John Cusack is rumoured to play Nite Owl Dan Dreiberg.

I'm amazed someone is trying to cram it all into a feature-length movie. I had imagined it as a mini-series. If you haven't read the graphic novel yet, I strongly urge you to track it down.

Dystopian nightmare V for Vendetta is currently filming. With a screenplay co-written by the Wachowski Brothers, this tale of totalitarian control freaks facing an unstoppable terrorist hero is just what is needed to alleviate the post-millenial tension.

Politics will never be the same.