Friday, August 10, 2012

We Got the Gun

The old man posing with one of his many shotguns in the local paper

I've been transfixed by the justifications submitted in court for the STG and AOS cameos at the Kim Dotcom mansion. Of course, it's all sub judice still, a bit like the Pussy Riot trial, so I'll have to leave the quality of transfixation to your imagination.

Suffice it to say, the AOS get around. They stormed into a fellow cannabis law reformer's house in Waihi not so long ago, resulting in her appearance in court this week. Ann wouldn't say boo to a schmoo, yet the long armoured arm of the law sez otherwise. But my lips are zipped.

Nor can I comment on the imminent trial of Green Cross founder and cannabis law reformer Billy McKee, who is appearing next month at Palmerston North High Court. The authorities consider him such a clear and present danger to the public, they've called up the prosecutor's A-team from Wellington to lead the attack. Best of luck to Michael Appleby, whom I understand will be defending Billy.

What I can say, is that the shotgun-wielding gentleman at the top of this post voted in favour of Homosexual Law Reform. This man killed more animals than Hemingway, a high score manly member for West Coast-Tasman Damien O'Connor will never beat. But as the Labour MP for Palmerston North, happily married to his second wife, he voted in favour of equal treatment of all people in 1985, regardless of their way of life. He believed people shouldn't be criminalised for their private pursuits of happiness.

I have more bias against the institution of marriage than I do with buggery brothers and scissoring sisters. This is partly due to my father's divorce lawyering, but mainly due to direct observation of the illusion of permanence that sanctified marriage promises. If the LGBT's really want to drink that glamorous Kool Aid, go for it. I just hope they return the favour one day and help stop this other disproportionate invasion of the state into our homes.

You are right, Mr Cohen. Pi is the better movie.