Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Would anyone care for some toast?

Seasonal fruit and vege aside, I don't generally let the calendar dictate what I eat. Lucky atheist cook that I am, every day is a possible French Toast Day. Others aren't so lucky. For example, the ritual of Pancake Day aka Shrove Tuesday was only brought to my attention by a Wellingtonista review of Cafe Panama's fried bread delights.

At least some good has come out of this strange land of Lent. The Economist has a PPP chart of pancake ingredients in selected countries:

You can see the effect of price subsidies in certain countries; Italy, Ireland, Germany, US. Eggs seem freakishly expensive in the cold countries of Norway and Switzerland. While Singapore has amazingly cheap eggs, possibly a side product of its staple diet of chicken and rice.

Any chance some econowonk could insert NZ into the mix?