Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Blind Spots

Silly season's over and Parliament is back in session. Right on time the government spin machine descends on the cut and paste MSM pack like a plague of bastard locusts.

Any novice bug hunter could spot Judith Collins' tracks all over the NZ Government's new War on Drugged Driving. Michelle Duff has a nice bit of propaganda to release just as the posters are rolled out:
Dreamy, clammy, drooling or overemotional – the tell-tale signs of a drugged driver have led to hundreds of people being netted since the new laws were introduced.

Figures released to The Dominion Post under the Official Information Act show 514 people appeared sufficiently out of it for police to perform a compulsory impairment test on them since the Land Transport Amendment Act was introduced in November 2009.

Dvaid Farrar Me Toos his vote like a true AOLer. He might look soft and cuddly on the outside, but within lurks the cold hard boiled lolly of vanilla conservatism:
I was a long time advocate that the Police should check drivers not just for excess alcohol, but for drugs which impair driving ability. It is good to see that the law change has produced results. Driving while stoned is a very very stupid thing to do, as responses are so slowed.

If push comes to shove, I'd rather be driven by a stoner than a drunk. Yeah sure. Ideally I'd rather have a well-rested and sober, alert driver. But we can't all get Parliamentary taxi chits or chauffeured limos to take us from the public bar to the private abode.

As a f'rinstance, say I had to hitch a lift home late one night, broke and legless. If I had an offer home by a rat-arsed drunk or a blazed stoner, I'd always choose the hippie. Who would you choose?

By far and away, the biggest drug driving problem in this country is alcohol. This PR offensive is one big smoke screen for the twin pink elephants in the room; drug snobbery and patch protection.

Lange drove tired and emotionally home like a Fat Stig. Winston Peters has been pinged once or twice, same as his sauced apprentice Michael Laws, aka the Git of Whanganui. Dyson's had her brush with the law, and I bet there's a host of other lawmaking hypocrites in the House of the Rising Glass, but I can't be arsed the hassle of defamation.

My old man made a bit of bread and butter defending drink drivers in court, and he had a bit of experience in the act itself. There's a particular incident involving a Range Rover, a vintage car and a power pole I'd rather not discuss right now. Suffice it to say there was a bit of nudge nudge wink wink at the cop shop the next day. No charges laid.

There's a hell of a lot Freemasons in the police force. Freemasonry at its core is a glorified drinking club. I've known judges to be drunk as lords. Even the prosecuting lawyer at Dakta Green's trial was a bit tipsy by the time the jury had reached their verdicts. No irony there.

Freemasons are one aspect of that great alcohol cult, Judeo-Christians. Jehovah loves his booze. Christ's blood is 12 percent alcohol. It's those heathen Muslims who like the wacky-backy. Or the niggers, wetbacks, brownies, abbos, freaks, geeks or queers.

Driving impairment of all kinds should be treated equally by the law. But leave the moral compass out of it.