Thursday, March 11, 2010

Philosophy & Object Violence

Pablo at KiwiPolitico looks at the ad-hockery of NZ policy. A lot to think over and the thread comments are also illuminating:
NZ’s so-called “number 8 wire attitude,” supposedly evidence of Kiwi pragmatism and resourcefulness, is actually the logical result of a chronic and perpetual lack of planning and an ex post, ad hoc approach to policy-making. One interlocutor phrased it as “policy by anecdote,” where politicians relate stories they have been told as proof that similar approaches elsewhere can work just fine in NZ.

Bryce at liberation looks at the Heatley affair and the 'ethical sickness' of entitlement:
Various commentators and politicians have expressed bemusement about what they see as the essentially trivialness and non-intentionality of Heatley’s resignation-inducing offence with his credit card. Yet it should be reiterated that Heatley scandal was over what was essentially his theft of taxpayer funds for his own private use.

Stephen Hawking, extreme violence to inanimate objects and cheesy soundtrack. It must be a Pink Terror Hawking chaser:

Pink Terror Hawking from mike barzman on Vimeo.