Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Collect call from the Super Gorilla

Writer Neil Boorman takes a look at the trouble with Boomers over at the BBC. NZ shares many of the same costs facing the succeeding generations of X and Y. On top of the usual indebtedness the young ones face, boomers here have had the leaky building syndrome, the finance company collapses, the Clark and Key governments happen here on their watch.

Clark was responsible for ignoring the housing bubble, but John Key continues to ignore the superannuation bubble. Paula Bennett's benny bash on one hand, kid gloves over Super Gold Card free ferry trips on the other. Vilify the bloke who got the dole while crusading against Manners Mall buses, but venerate the oldies who have nothing to fill their days but to ring talkback and write letters to the editor, complaining that the tuis sing too loud.

Democracy favours the old as well. The old ones vote, the young (and brown) don't. While Winston Peters draws breath (as well as a variety of pension plans), there'll be no chance of cuts to elder welfare. NZ children's health, education, welfare and quality of life will be slashed back before a single means-tested dollar is aired against the seniors.

The baby boomers have no qualms on having their cake, eating it, and leaving X&Y to pick up the bill. And John Key has no problem with it either.