Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slumdog Genius

Pakistani 18 year old Ali Moeen Nawazish has been accepted at Cambridge University after getting 21 A-levels (I beg to differ with the headline. He sat 23 and received 21).
He received A grades in physics, biology, human biology, mathematics, pure mathematics, further mathematics, computing, marine sciences, applied information and communication technology, thinking skills, Urdu language, Urdu literature, general paper (international), geography, applied geography, sociology, psychology, business studies, travel and tourism, and critical thinking. He also secured A grades in two AS-levels, general studies and English language, which equal one A-level.

He did however suffer the indignity of obtaining only a B in chemistry and a C in general further mathematics.

"I feel bad about those two," he said. "Then again, I was feeling a bit tired when I took them. I'd been up since 8am and I think I finished that maths exam at 1am the next morning."

That's one sparky Paki!