Friday, August 01, 2008

Rodney Returns

There's a cartoon in the Backbencher of Richard Prebble's mad dog persona ripping the flesh off someone's calf. That tenacity to bite and not let go quality. It's good to see Rodney's return to form then, taking on Winston and, possibly, winning.

Colin Espiner gives Rodney his due, going where the big parties are too lame-arse to go (I'm reasonably certain Colin has used my Hi de Hi metaphor for commercial gain without attribution and therefore is fined a bottle of cabernet merlot as retribution).

A rather large penny has fallen after reading Duncan Garner's blog, what with the SFO having powers to open the disused file in the lavatory in the basement with no stairs guarded by a sign that says Beware of the Leopard. The Spencer Trust could be exposed to daylight and then the fun really begins.

You just got my vote, Rodney.