Sunday, August 03, 2008

Badjelly the fish

Why have four horsemen when you can have 10 million jellyfish of the apocalypse instead? There's a huge increase in jellyfish populations as natural predators are thrown on the back foot by overfishing, pollution and global warming.
From Spain to New York, to Australia, Japan and Hawaii, jellyfish are becoming more numerous and more widespread, and they are showing up in places where they have rarely been seen before.
Having been stung by baby bluebottle jellyfish whilst swimming one night in Tropical Queensland, it's not a fun to have happen. It's rather like getting tattooed by an epileptic. The jellies nicely demonstrated what I learned in Oz. The whole idea of Oz is unsustainable. NZ is a pizza. Lots of toppings in the middle surrounded by a golden crust of beaches. Oz is pizza bread. Light garnishing on the fringes but largely one big crust.

The rain's on a bit of a bender here, soaking NZ like a lush. Enjoy it while Oz drinks its own urine. Our beaches are largely jellyfish free to swim in, our oceans much less toxic than the Mediterranean or Hawaii. Enjoy it while Oz people stay on the beaches. NZ has no snakes. The most dangerous thing the keas and takahes have to watch out for is DOC. Hey hey hey, you know I gotta to say, I like it here.