Sunday, February 25, 2007

Naked Cable

It's great to live in Wellington. Spent a sweltering Saturday do-gooding down at the Cuba St Carnival. Me and a few mates gleaned around 500 signatures of the petition in support of the Medicinal Cannabis thing. A big thumbs up to the DomPost and NatRad for giving this issue such great coverage. NORML was planning to bludge space off a Liberterianz stall during the Cuba St gig. Permission for the stall was denied for unknown reasons.

It's a shame to see that the Greens and Falun Gong were refused permission to enter the Cuba St Carnival Night Parade. Russel suspects that WCC didn't want Falun Gong to annoy the Chinese Embassy, who had graciously ponied up for recent Year of the Pig celebrations. How very Castro of them to oblige. More curious is why the Greens were turned down.

But for all its faults, Wellington rocks. I achieved a small goal this weekend, finally being able to ditch the landline and go cable only. For as little as fifty bucks a month, you can get a highspeed 10G plan on a 4 Meg pipe. I've had no worries with the service, all things considered. And I am finally rid of the dreaded phone. If you feel the need, I can be Skyped at mrzippy2000.