Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Black hole, coming to a town near you or not

Omfg, what a balls-up from go to woe this travelling circus is. The Local Government inquiry into local body rates has kicked off with a well-publicised ad in the local rags' Public Notices section. Even compensating for Hamilton's apathy, 50 people (mainly Ents) is just pathetic. During business hours, no less.

According to NatRad's The Panel, Invercargill has rung up the organisers to find out when the consultation circus gets to town, only to find they're not getting it. Neither is Blenheim. I'm damned sure there will be one in Wellington. Give the wonks a day out of the office. Buggered if I can find out when though. According to the official site, the Local Government Act Roadshow finished in October 2006:

Starting Fri 22 Sep 2006

Finishing Fri 22 Sep 2006


Concerned about compliance costs?
Worried about lack of funding?
Bothered by extra responsibilities?
Happy with the framework as it is?
Want to share some success stories?
Let us know

The Local Government Act Roadshow is your opportunity to talk directly to a Local Government New Zealand panel about the new local government legislative framework, in particular, what’s working and what needs to be fixed.

From 14 September to 2 October, the Local Government New Zealand Roadshow will be holding hearings in a town near you and anyone within Councils is invited to take part and express their views. You can provide a written submission or simply give a verbal presentation to the panel.

The Roadshow will be hearing submissions in:
Wellington, 14 September 2006
Palmerston North, 15 September 2006
Rodney, 18 September 2006
Christchurch, 21 September 2006
Gore, 22 September 2006
Rotorua, 2 October 2006

If you are interested in sharing your views with the panel and would like to book a time at one of the above locations, please contact :

Colleen Bredican
Local Government New Zealand

To be held: TBC

Is it in their 2007 Meeting Dates pdf? Nope. So far, the best I can glean from the Herald is that the next meeting is set for Penrose at Mt Smart stadium on, er, today. Holy fucking hell, talk about hunting quarks.