Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Get Stuffed

Like any member of the Labour Party, I bear grudges. I have one right now with Stuff, who will only get linked to if absolutely necessary, because of their behaviour towards the Stash site. RB covered the cease and desist issue nicely in the Listener. Dr Goode deserves an apology, especially seeing as how Stuff is undergoing a make-over.

At this point, I'd like to add an image but I fear Fairfax would sic their infinite number of lawyer monkeys on me. Go have a look at what they have come up with, then come back. Is the updated logo "still colourful, fun and friendly like our old logo but with a more professional and contemporary look?" Is it original? No, the spectrum index was perfected by about, ummm, 1996. This is clearly a case of intellectual property theft, plagiarism, whatever. I hope Peter Gabriel sues them.

I also hope Stuff's new archive lasts longer than a journalist's long-term memory span (7 days), if for no other reason than so this link to Karl du Fresne's back-handed compliment to bloggers doesn't de-link. My initial vehement reaction was quickly replaced by pity. Any column mentioning Tom Cruise cannot be taken seriously. It's a throwaway piece, fluff. Sure, Mr du Fresne reckons:
"many blogs - both of the Left and Right - are barely literate rants written by angry, selfabsorbed no-hopers with too much time on their hands. They are often toxic, petty, juvenile and malicious. To that I should add cowardly, since much of the personal abuse on the Net (and there is plenty) is anonymous."
He backs this up with no quotes, no examples, no facts. Just an anonymous attack on the Them. I put it down to laziness, what with silly season upon us. I mean, it can't be that Fairfax is worried about getting sued for defamation by a blogger or two?