Friday, November 12, 2004

I'm not against homosexuals voting, but...

I've just been doing some work on the Civil Union campaign, collating a summary of written submissions that went before the Justice & Electoral select committee. Here's a few quotes from citizens of this tolerant and good-natured land:

  • "The head of the family is the father. The usual duties of a wife are cooking, washing and cleaning." - Christian lay preacher and not Taleban mullah
  • "[It] will open the floodgates to bigamy, polygamy, paedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia."
  • "I'm not against homosexuals voting, but I am against this particular Bill."
  • "This Bill legalises a lifestyle that brought us AIDS."
  • "Gays cause lots of diseases and abuse children."
  • "If all society adapted to same sex unions,… it would be catastrophic, the total elimination of society." - Geez Wayne, they're not making it compulsory!
  • "God will not protect our nation if we break His Laws."
  • "Gays are sterile and represent a serious health risk."
  • "Don't we have enough trouble with incest and paedophilia? Must we now add sodomy and lesbianism- making it legal?"
Now wash your hands.