Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Today in Just:

# Serious Fraud Office admits there is not enough evidence to bring criminal charges against Hanover Finance.'s Deep Freeze List sez that's $465 million down the hole. Tim Watkin puts the gloating in some quarters through the shredder.

# Gardening company owners sentenced to more years in jail than some serious crims and at least one manslaughterer (Tag. You're dead).

# Crewe Murder cops overheard joking about framing Thomas, sez former bar worker Queenie Edmonds. Lol.

# As above, so below. One UK citizen explains what happens to photographers in the UK. Echoes of Peel's Blue Brotherhood of the Crown Patches here, such as the IPCC:

# Going against intuition, I listened to Police Agent Provocateur Graham Bell on The Panel yesterday. Bell's rants usually give me diabetes, but at least the pain was worth it this time. I saw a glimpse of what Planet Bell, the police state, would look like. People wouldn't dance at Paul Simon concerts, satire would be reported to the police so that they can judge its merits, and families would eat dinner at the table and listen to Graham Bell lectures. Hell's Bells indeed.