Friday, July 27, 2012

Baggie Marry and Violent Bob

The Facevine advises me that today is National Poetry Day. Thank you, People's Poet. Here's one I just cooked up this morning.

Baggie Marry and Violent Bob

Baggie Marry, Baggie Marry
Wed at 18 to Violent Bob.
Within two years she wore
Two heirs; Mark and Barry,
And a constant bruise on her gob.

Ordained by God was Violent Bob.
There was no doubt about it.

By day a cop, the biggest gang in town.
The oaths he'd sworn to uphold
(By book, by Queen, by stone)
All reached one way or the other
To the feet of that Heavenly throne.

By night a sot, the biggest lush in town.
The oaths he swore and toasted
(By book, by Kings, by ring)
He reached for bottle or Baggie.
God had told Bob he could do anything.

Baggie Marry, Baggie Marry
Is clumsy around stairs.
Even level sections
Give her assault and battery
And endless medical repairs.