Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Witch Bust

Following on from their successful reality TV show Drug Bust which finishes next week, production company Great Southern Whitey Television is proud to announce a new reality crime show called Witch Bust.

The Witch Bust TV crew follows the PERVE unit of Counties Manukau Police in their war against witchcraft. PERVE stands for the Preservation of English Religion and Vice Elimination, and this elite police unit lives up to its name stamping out suspected witches and satanists.

Each half hour show will feature a large expensive police raid using overwhelming force to bust a Satanist and a Wiccan. Watch excommunications, exorcisms, relic forfeiture and Wicker Man punishments of our lowliest inhuman scum.

"We will continue the same winning formula featured in Drug Bust, such as blurred faces to dehumanise the lawbreakers, as well as a malevolent soundtrack to underscore how really evil these heretics are," said Great Southern Whitey CEO Gerald Pimp.

NZ Police spokesperson Adolf Cullen praised the show, giving it two broken thumbs up. "These shows give our boys a bigger morale boost than a thousand Hail Marys. It's just a pity we can't do a show on the brownies and queers too. It's not like the old days," he said.