Sunday, November 14, 2010

I read the news today, oh boy

Pardon, dear readers, for my absence. I have been occupied with more pressing matters, of which there will be more detail in a later post. In the meantime, here's Constable Peter Marks with the Police Report from the Ruapehu Press:
Over the last week there were 30 incidents reported to police - an average week.

Monday started with the report of a burglary where yoghurts were taken from a fridge; the person was known to the occupier and was subsequently spoken to by police.

There was a domestic incident on Hakiaha Street, and a male turned himself into the police station on a warrant to arrest.

The day ended with the report of theft of dogs.

On Tuesday a person reported that they had someone knocking on their door at different hours of the day and night. Two sisters had a fight and a door was smashed at a Ward Street address. Police assisted the fire brigade with a bush fire beside the camp ground. It is believed to have been lit by juveniles. Finally a New Rd address was burgled and items taken included a Husqvarna chainsaw, a Sharpe stereo and an old laptop.

Another five incidents were reported on Wednesday. A missing person was found. A person reported having money taken off him and a male was assaulted by four others. The day ended with two domestic incidents.

Thursday was the quietest day with a breach of bail the only incident.

Murphy's Law: Thursday quiet, Friday busy. A hole was kicked in the wall of the Bailey Ingham premises and a search was done of a house after police smelt cannabis. A person claimed that he had clothing taken from a clothesline and an insecure building was reported.

There was a domestic incident outside the hotel and police dealt with two vehicle incidents.

Saturday it slowed down a bit. A concrete fence had been pushed over sometime during the night. Police were called to intervene in a civil dispute after threats were made and as a result a person was trespassed from the premises.

On Sunday police were called to a domestic incident at 8am where one of the people had been drinking.

A traffic incident was reported and two people were arrested for separate incidents earlier in the week.

Police were targeting vehicles that are not roadworthy and drivers who are outside their licence conditions. Unfortunately, there are a few drivers around town who think they can drive any vehicle - roadworthy or not. The laws are to protect the many motorists who are responsible. It is a little bit ironic that it is the police's "fault" that motorists get stopped for doing something stupid!

Recently there was a motorcycle crash where the rider tried to avoid stock being moved onto the road. If you are moving stock along the road then at the barest safety minimum there should be warning cones or signs out. The safest method of all (including stock) is to have a front vehicle, a back vehicle and someone else controlling the stock.

Clowns of the week (and this is not an uncommon theme) the two brothers fighting because after breaking up with his partner the other brother is now seeing her.