Sunday, September 07, 2008


A short round-up of facts and comedy on Palin:

Vanity Fair covers the parallel timelines of facts and conspiracy theories on the Birth of Young Trig.

Robin Williams sums up Palin in 2 minutes on Letterman.

A fairly comprehensive list of the abyss between what Palin says as what she does.

Baby Trig makes Newsweek story. Palin promises help for special needs families in her speech, in spite of cutting SpecEd funding by 62 percent when she was Governor.

There's no sign of the Republicans letting the press actually interview Sarah Palin. According to Republican campaign strategist Rick Davis, "We’re going to do what we think is in our best interest. If that means access to the press, we’ll give it to you."

Michael Palin for President:

Hat Tip RobiNZ