Thursday, August 16, 2007

Helen Clark and the Regulated Period

A press release from the Prime Minister’s office today announced that menstrual cycles will be strictly regulated in future. Instead of the usual five to seven days out of 28, women will be considered to be having their period continually from January 1st 2008.

Women will also have to provide proof that they are entitled to FHPs, and will need to appoint a gynaecological agent who will responsible for keeping track of them.

Women seeking Feminine Hygiene Products (FHP) will have to register with the Ministry of Menses, and are limited to 60 FHPs per year. An FHP is defined as any rag or implement which encourages, or is perceived to encourage, retention of menses.

Women’s groups around the country are up in arms. Prude Brewer, of advocacy group Glad Rag, says “This is a gross invasion of our rights. It is an affront to the dignity of women everywhere. There is blood on the government’s hands.”