Thursday, June 07, 2007


Michael Cullen may be on his way out to pasture, and it might be soon. Coupla days ago, Michael Bassett throws out this missive. Just because he's biased doesn't mean he's wrong. Now KiwiSaver is all but launched, Michael Cullen's use to the Labour party is practically nil.

Something has to change, massively, to turn around the polls. And it's not going to be Helen Clark leaving that's going to do it. Helen Clark is still Labour's best chance of re-election. If worst comes to worst, she is loyal and dedicated enough to go down with the ship and pass the reins only after she's given it her damnedest after the election.

Trevor Mallard has shown the necessary stubbornness to become Finance Minister. Just as John Key has swiftly and succinctly re-branded the Nats, a change of Finance Minister would allow Labour to regain the initiative by changing tack on the tax cut agenda, among other things.

Another clear foreshadowing of this inevitability is today's announcement of a $2.9 million government contribution towards the upgrade of McLean Park in Cullen's retirement village of Napier:
“This major project upgrades McLean Park to 21st Century standards. This is important because McLean Park is the only venue in Hawkes Bay which can host major national and international cricket and rugby events," Helen Clark said.
If Brits believe in heaven, it would look something like this.