Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Deregulated brainstorming

Given the choice between working for an owner-operator or a company, I'd go for the tangible boss every time.

Companies, and especially corporations, suck. No-one is responsible for anything. No-one takes risks. The scales of dis-economy are just as vast as any government department. Like their state-funded contemporaries, they breed their unwieldy nemesis; the union movement.

Contrast all that to somewhere where you know who's boss. Good boss, bad boss, green boss, mad boss. How difficult is it to find a good boss? A really good one? According to some Harvard study mentioned by David Slack on NatRad the other day, it's about 0.001 percent chance.

Whaddaya know, I got lucky. My boss has seen what I can do, given enough rope. Last week I got a fifty percent pay rise. Beat that EPMU!

It's a matter of trust, eh.