Monday, January 15, 2007

I've never been to Raglan

Apparently I'm a Raglan. I've never been to Raglan, but that's me. Or, at least, that's the dominant trending according to this vexatious meme. It beats Grey Lynn by a nose (8%), followed closely behind by Cuba St with plucky Otara and little Balclutha battling away in the middle. Remuera's dead, followed by Paptoetoe with North Shore at the very back of the field.

Good on Caldwell & Brown for putting this together. While I take all this with a rock of salt the size of a fridge, it seems to be a more accurate guide to our psyche than any of the babble coming from elsewhere in the PR universe. It seems more approximately sensible than the competition. But back to the large fridge-sized salt lick. I've been a bit sceptical about these pigeonhole polls since I scored an XNXX in the Jung Test many years ago (I've replicated this twice since). The current dissection is much of a muchness.
What does the typical Labour voter look like? We can see one here in extremes. If Labour wish to seal the election in 208, Grey Lynn and its ilk must take over the country. Attack of the Art Wankers. You'd want Otara for the ethnic support and Papatoe for the blue collar pakeha drones.
There's a spike of North Shore on Tony, so it's anybody's ground there. White Bread New Zealanders, fool them and you've got it made. I'd imagine that the Nats are hoping for a baby-boom of Remueraliens and Balclutherans. Fat chance. Remuera's stunted (or votes Act) and all the Balclutherans' kids have moved overseas or to the main centres and converted to Raglan and Cuba.
The Grey Lynners might yet be convinced to vote John Key if they can see what's in it for them. Let their wallets win over their conscience. Same goes for the Raglanners, unless Act gets its shit together, like, yesterday. Either that, or the Greens beat them to the Raglans instead of being stuck with only the Cubans.