Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hawkins fed to the lions

Today's Hansard transcript of Question Time makes vivid reading. Who needs rugby or Iraq when we've got a full-tit boogie of an election year on our hands? The Nats may have been blooded, but nothing compared with the savage pummeling inflicted on Police Minister George Hawkins today.

Dianne Yates had a patsy question to start things off. Steve Maherey started things of chipper with name-dropping a lot of Kiwi talent. The Speaker made him withdraw an excellent jibe, referring to a band called “Don Brash and the Divided Nationals.” Was surprised by Maharey not taking credit for Channel Z changing to Kiwi FM. Good on you, Grant Hislop!

Marian Hobbs' lapsus lingae, referring to a singer by the name of "Rick Bunga", was forgivable. I'm sure she gets her mucking words fuddled a lot, which is how she ended up in Cabinet with Environment and Disarmament (two portfolios even she couldn't hurt herself with).
Then the main course arrived.

Rodney was chewing so much scenery, he got booted out of the House after egging on Marc "The Narc" Alexander of United Future. Not surprising, given all the fun had finished with Hawkins, reduced to parroting "inquiry".