Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bloody foreigners

DPF has commented on a call for foreigners to not be allowed on our roads. I was originally intending to post the stuff below as a comment on his blog. But then it grew into a rangent (a rant on a tangent) and thought it more appropriately stuck in my blog:

I'm surprised they weren't asking to ban Germans (Who won the bloody war anyway?!). Then Italians. Everyone knows Italians are crazy drivers. Maybe it should just be foreigners who travel on the wrong side of the road in their countries, like those awful Americans.

Mr Hutson should vote Greens. They want to remove all drivers from the roads and replace them with cyclists.

I favour a change to a tax on momentum. Due to differing Mess Potentials and the past experience of the clown steering each of them, a free market system would quickly apportion fiscal bills where they are due. For instance, tuktuks and scooters would be a fraction to keep on the roads compared with SUVs and other tanks.

Before you say, "Hey, we've already got that! It's called insurance," consider this; you are a lot more aware of your surroundings on a scooter than a tank. Whose insurance premiums and registration costs are higher?